Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stupid - Trash Driver

I guess if you have any type of city car you can break any type of city law. It's ok, the $165.00 ticket you or I would have gotten for parking this way seems to be of no consequence to this garbage man supervisor. Doesn't the disregard the city employees have make you sick!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stupid - Guy Singing "Nigger...."

The other night I was watching Bill Cosby on the news talking about how black youth today have no future because they have no role models. Well I don't know if that is true, but here is a case for you to evaluate. This young black man, about 19-21, was on a 6pm (BUSY!) 2 train singing, "Nigger" this and "Nigger that. He had his radio on his iPod turned up, and he was singing away. He then start singing some song about "Disco Daddy". The train was standing room only, and I watched the heads turn of the Whites, Blacks, Chinese, Hindus, everyone who was on board. I counted 11 black people within 20 feet of this young man singing the "Nigger" song, and do you think even ONE person would ask him to tone it down--nope. Not one of his fellow race, not one of the adults, asked the young man to stop. What a joke! Yesterday I saw a teenage girl wearing a NO "N" WORD pin on her lapel, today I hear NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER being sung by a young black guy. What are we to think? Maybe the black president Jesse Jackson and his sidekick gutter pal Al Sharpton would speak up?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stupid - Homeless Caravans

My friends know I have no beef with homeless people, hell, I will give one a buck anytime they ask, yet, I get sick to my stomach and I want them all rounded up and shipped off to Idaho when I see this stuff. I guess if you are homeless, you need a way to move around your crap, but hey, use a backpack or of you need a wagon, use one that is not stuffed up like an Afghanistan elephant. Look at this crap, what a joke that these can remain unmolested by the police on the street. Where is Mayor Bloomy when you need him? Hey Mike! get this crap out of New York. Take back their stolen wagons, cite them for theft, cite them for being a felony eyesore! This was taken on the Lower East Side.

Stupid - BIOHAZARD Trash!!

This is from the UNBELIEVABLE FILES!! Here at Maimonides hospital, they just leave the bio-hazard trash open for the public, which of course may include Bin Laden's cousins! Can you say - dirty bomb? Holy crap Batman! We have a NATIONAL SECURITY issue!! Yikes!! Car-54, 1-Adam-12, all units BOLO for this! Sick!

Stupid - Lack of Patient Care (Maimonides)

From the VERY SERIOUS files, here we have multiple violations of the "Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations" taking place about 7pm at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn. Leaving patients in the hall is a clear JACHO violation, as well as a hospital safety and New York City fire code violation. Here is your grandpa, alone, unsupervised, on a stretcher in the hallway. Nice one Maimonides! (P.S. There was a forth patient in the hallway, but he was not in the camera shot.)

Stupid - Rapping Meter Maids in Cars

Back when they invented the car, some idiot came up with the idea of providing mechanical stumps that would tax the car-owner, for a few minutes of parking. The Meter-Maid was then needed, as someone had to shlep the coins back to the station. Meter-Maids are people who could not get real police officer positions, because they have no college or military experience; essentialy, Meter-Maids are losers. Somewhere in the dirty 1970's, or maybe during Mayor Dinkins time, these Meter-Maids were given cars, because at some point they were getting so fat they could no longer walk unaided. So, now, you see a photo of two of NYC' finest ticket givers--true professionals--at work. Here, they are blasting rap music (Song: 'You can get wit this, or you can get wit that...') and dancing in their seats while driving on 8th Ave and 34th. ISN'T THIS METER-MAID IMPRESSIVE! SHE HAS NO HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL!!! (CLICK THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE) At this point, she can drive over and murder a person walking across the street, but of course, she would claim. "thadt person was axing for it judge-they was j-walkin."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stupid - MTA Painters

Look at this crap - this is on F train platform near 23rd St. This is the "work" done by a foolish city employee (or 3 year old toddler), who looked like his intent was to paint a 4 foot by 4 foot panel, white. This type of job should take 5 minutes, and there should be no drips, instead, it looks like the guy painted it with one hand behind his back, after drinking a bottle of scotch on Purim. What an idiot! Hey morons at the city of NY, where is the inspection by a supervisor? You got half a gallon on the floor in just dripings! No work ethic! No ownership in your work! No pride! No nothing!!

Stupid - Transit Tamales

I have no problem with the free market capitalist system--hell--myfamily sold fruit on the street during the depression, but hell, this is 2007! This woman, and her twin sisters, stand every morning by the Q/B train and sell hot tamales (no, not the candy type), and something that looks like oatmeal in a cup. She does this each morning, for at least a year, in front of cops, MTA employees, and thousands of commuters. She can get a way with no health inspection, permits, taxes, etc., while my friends who own small restaurants are forced to pay all that were mentioned. Hey senora, have you heard of hepatitis? Hope you don't have it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid - BIZ the Graffiti Idiot of Brooklyn

Some idiot keeps tagging "BIZ" on everything in Brooklyn - and everywhere! How does this person(s) have time to eat or sleep when he is going around destroying property and helping Brooklyn to look like a 1975 shit-hole. What are the cops doing? The word BIZ is on every pole, sign and subway station. How come there is no biz-taskforce to stop this fool which is damaging property and making the city look like crap? Why don't I call 311 and complain you say--because those idiots at 311 say "call the precinct near you" and the precinct says, "call 311". All losers.