Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid - BIZ the Graffiti Idiot of Brooklyn

Some idiot keeps tagging "BIZ" on everything in Brooklyn - and everywhere! How does this person(s) have time to eat or sleep when he is going around destroying property and helping Brooklyn to look like a 1975 shit-hole. What are the cops doing? The word BIZ is on every pole, sign and subway station. How come there is no biz-taskforce to stop this fool which is damaging property and making the city look like crap? Why don't I call 311 and complain you say--because those idiots at 311 say "call the precinct near you" and the precinct says, "call 311". All losers.


Anonymous said...

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Herr-H said...

There's a similar guy in Hamburg / Germany, called "OZ." His symbol is sprayed everywhere in Hamburg (about 120.000 times already in 1999).