Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stupid - Lack of Patient Care (Maimonides)

From the VERY SERIOUS files, here we have multiple violations of the "Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations" taking place about 7pm at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn. Leaving patients in the hall is a clear JACHO violation, as well as a hospital safety and New York City fire code violation. Here is your grandpa, alone, unsupervised, on a stretcher in the hallway. Nice one Maimonides! (P.S. There was a forth patient in the hallway, but he was not in the camera shot.)


Rhomurr said...

Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Maimonides is the worst hospital. It should be investigated. It is a lie that this place has good "health grades". Clearly, the hospital is making payoffs to get these good grades. At every different level, from the PCT to the nurses, to the horrible interns and residents, to the full time attending doctors. There is lack of compassion. There is lack of fundamental medical knowledge. There is lack of communication among doctors and then to family members. If you want information, you are yelled at consistetnly. You cant protect your loved one because they make it impossible to find out what is going on with them. It is like they are keeping things secret. It is sickening. I have really never seen anything quite like this hospital. JCAHO should go when the hospital does not suspect it. Medicare should know that they are causing serious harm to patients that medicare then has to pay for. It is hard to believe that one hospital could gather the worst group of people in one building-but they have dont it. CLOSE THIS MISERABLE PLACE-you will die if you are admitted

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments. Maimonides needs to be shut down, not expanded like they want to do. They killed my relative- they dont care. The doctors dont know anything but make believe they have knowledge. Their arrogance is a cover up for lack of knowledge. How is this allowed to happen. How is it that a hospital can hire such crap. How did these doctors get into medical school. Actually, many of them are DO's, meaning they were not smart enough to get into medical school. OR they are foreign trained. So your life is in the hands of people who are the biggest bunch of idiots. People should open their eyes to the fact that these people are dangerous. But these doctors hide the fact that they are practicing poor (the worst) medicine. They blame any poor outcome on the patient, rather than on themselves. If you are not strong and healthy when you are admitted, you will not make it out alive. BE AWARE