Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stupid - MTA Painters

Look at this crap - this is on F train platform near 23rd St. This is the "work" done by a foolish city employee (or 3 year old toddler), who looked like his intent was to paint a 4 foot by 4 foot panel, white. This type of job should take 5 minutes, and there should be no drips, instead, it looks like the guy painted it with one hand behind his back, after drinking a bottle of scotch on Purim. What an idiot! Hey morons at the city of NY, where is the inspection by a supervisor? You got half a gallon on the floor in just dripings! No work ethic! No ownership in your work! No pride! No nothing!!


Jacob Da Jew said...

Dude, are you Jimmy Justice, because you have the style of writing?

The Stupid NYC Blog Owner... said...

I am not Jimmy Justice, although, through a friend, I know who he is in real-life. The difference--I don't do drugs. But, I hate the meter maids as much as him.